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APRIL 2011

Goward House
2495 Arbutus Road
Victoria, BC, V8N 1V9

Editor: Mary Homer

2011 - 2012

PresidentGwen McLaws
Vice-PresidentSylvia Korican
TreasurerCarol Nuernberger
SecretaryVicki Stewart
Past PresidentEleanor Hall
DirectorLil Hill
DirectorJane Telford
DirectorBea Brunton
DirectorPatricia Parker
DirectorMargaret Cross

Left to Right: Lil Hill, Margaret Cross, Sylvia Korican, Bea Brunton, Gwen McLaws, Vicki
Stewart, Carol Nuernberger, Jane Telford, and Patricia Parker.   Missing: Eleanor Hall


April Art Show
April 1 to June 1, 2011
9:00 am - 4:00 pm [Monday to Friday]

An Art Show and Sale by Goward House Painters

This art show and sale showcases the talents of more than 30 Goward House artists. The works on display are various in size, subject, and medium.

This show and sale is also a part of the:

Cadboro Bay Studio Tour
May 13 and 14
(Saturday and Sunday)
1:00 pm to 3:30pm

Drop by to meet the artists and enjoy the musical stylings of Darlene Phillips (harpist).

Classic Film Club - FREE
1st Friday of each month
1:00 pm

The Classic Film Club is happy to host and invite other members and their guests to join them in the Goward House Theatre to view the following films:

Sunday Duplicate Bridge
Sundays - April 3, 10 and 17 only
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

This group will not meet on April 24 due to the Easter Sunday celebration. Please arrive by 12:20 pm on the remaining three Sundays to facilitate the start time of 12:30 pm. Thank you.

Writing Group
Monday, April 18
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

This active group of writers (ranging in experience) meet on the third Monday of each month, in the Sequoia Room, to support and encourage each other in their writing.

Money Matters - FREE
Thursday, April 28
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Join Pam Katunar, Investment Advisor, with TD Waterhouse to learn about:
Segregated Funds - What are they? Why would you want to own them? How are they different from annuities? Name of guest speaker was not available at time of publication.
This is a free information session and you are welcome to bring a friend.

Tuesday Craft Group
Tuesdays afternoons
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

This newly formed group meets regularly on Tuesday afternoons (alternating between the Theatre and Arts & Craft Room). They welcome you to join them in having fun and creating items for the next Goward House craft fair. Currently they are working on Sock Monkeys and Raggedy Ann dolls. Bring your enthusiasm. Ideas for craft projects are always welcome!

Quilting & Crafts Group
Wednesday afternoons
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

This quilting and craft group meets weekly to work on their personal projects as well as work on some Goward House craft fair projects.

Volunteer Appreciation Tea
Thursday, April 28
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

This is a very special event that takes place each year in recognition of the efforts and many hours dedicated to Goward House by its many volunteers. We will need a few members that are not currently volunteers, to consider volunteering a couple of hours for this one event. Please contact Elaine if you are willing to help us show appreciation to our diligent volunteers. Goward House could not function without them!

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.  ~ Elizabeth Andrew
It's easier to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference.  ~Tom Brokaw


  When entering the Goward House tea room on Thursday mornings there is a wonderful lady by the name of Lil who greets you with a bright smile when taking your order. She entered this world a bouncing baby girl, Lilyan Lidstone, at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in 1931. In her young years Lil attended George Jay Elementary school, Monterey Elementary, and in 1950 graduated from Oak Bay High school. She worked at a pharmacy/drug store and various other jobs but in 1951 a fantastic opportunity came her way.
   Lil's father received a work contract for three years in Ghana, Africa to teach the local people how to log their forest -the Canadian way. In the summer of 1951 Lilyan and her mother travelled to Africa to join him in the town of Samreboi for a year. What an experience for a young woman to live in a foreign land and explore the town and surrounding countryside by going on treks with the local African 'Relations' man as her guide. After thoroughly enjoying the year in Ghana it was time to return to Victoria.
  Lil enrolled in the Sprott Shaw Business College to train for office work that included typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. After graduating she was hired by an auto insurance dealer for a few years, but then the "love bug" bit her.   In 1955 married -Mrs Lilyan Hill-gave birth to a boy and a girl which kept life very busy plus helped take care of her ailing mother. When the children grew older she worked part-time at a doughnut shop for a short time. One of her best jobs was at the well known Robert Shaw Pies on Foul Bay Road. His pies were mouth-watering delicious with that homemade taste-m-m-m good. A bonus to the job - taking home leftovers!
  In 1995 Lillian began volunteering in the kitchen at Goward House; which has been a labour of love for the past 16 years. Lil said, "I meet so many wonderful people who come in to have soup, a sandwich or a sweet over a cup of tea or coffee. It makes the work easy." Her job is being in charge of ordering the food and meeting with the Goward House Board of Directors once a month. Lil has helped organize the food for special events like the Heritage Fashion Show Luncheon, where they served an excellent delicious lunch. Over the past 16 years Lil has developed a great social circle by creating friends with other volunteers like the ladies in the craft group and exercise classes.
  So when you feel like a bite to eat or a cup of tea or coffee stop by the Goward House Tea Room. A lady named Lil with sparkling eyes and delightful smile will be happy to serve you. This makes for a pleasant time at Goward House!


In the spirit of camaraderie and goodwill which is associated with Goward House, we invite non-members to participate in a regularly scheduled activity free of charge for one time only. This allows guests to Goward House to determine whether or not they enjoy participating in a particular activity (i.e. painting, exercising, playing bridge, etc.). Following that one-time experience, if they wish to continue participating in our structured activities they must then become Goward House members. Goward House is a non-profit society and relies on its membership dues, activity fees, and fundraisers to fund its operations. Thank you.


  Drivers should check over their shoulder before every lateral driving manoeuvre, including lane changing, turning, passing and parking. This necessary head turn is obvious to professional drivers but all too often a mystery to the average driver. There is a blind spot over each shoulder, which goes unseen by drivers when they choose to turn, change lanes or enter and leave the road. Mirrors are an effective way to check for hazards around your vehicle but this safety check must be combined with a head turn in the direction that the driver wishes to go. Drivers should get into the habit of shoulder checking every time a turn signal is activated. The required check is often a slight head turn, rather than a full body movement.
  It is important to properly adjust the rear-view and side-view mirrors. The rear-view mirror should be set to reflect the maximum distance behind your vehicle. It should be slightly offset to the right in order to better cut down on the right side blind spot. To properly adjust your side mirrors: assume your normal driving position. Open the driver's window and move your head slightly out the window. Make sure you can see the side of your car while looking in the mirror, then assume the normal driving posture. When adjusted this way, your mirror will be more useful in cutting down the blind spot. This is how the pros set their mirrors up for maximum visibility.
  The potential for serious injury and fatal traffic crashes with vulnerable, smaller unprotected vehicles sharing our roads can be reduced significantly by the simple turn of the head. Do it, for safety's sake.

(This info was excerpted from Steve Wallace's "Behind the Wheel" column which appears in the Driving Section of the Times Colonist every Friday).

Perhaps you didn't hear me the first time:

Goward House is fuelled from the time and energy donated by its members. However, from time to time, these generous volunteers do have medical appointments, family commitments, and enjoy taking a holiday from time to time.
In order to show support to these generous individuals, we are seeking volunteers to act as "spares" during brief absences. Shifts are only 3 hours long. During the period of a shift, volunteers receive free tea or coffee and can purchase a lunch at a discounted price. Job descriptions are below:

Front Desk volunteers fulfill the following duties:

Tea Room volunteers fulfill the following duties:

* The afternoon shift does not prepare any food.

All volunteer positions are provided with the guidance and support of Elaine and Mary.

Anyone willing to volunteer is asked to contact Elaine in the admin office: 250 477 4401. Thank you


In British Columbia...
- More than 70,000 British Columbians are currently living with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia - nearly 10,000 of these individuals are under the age of 65;
Across Canada:
- 1 in 11 Canadians over the age of 65 (approximately 500,000 people) has Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia

In support of providing further education to our Goward House members, we are considering hosting a 3-part series of workshops focusing on Alzheimer's disease and related dementia. The workshops would be facilitated by the Alzheimer Society of BC. We need a minimum number of participants. The proposed 3-part series of workshops are:
Heads Up: An Introduction to Brain Health
Healthy aging is important for everyone and it is essential not to forget the health of your brain as well! This workshop encourages participants to actively engage in protecting and maintaining their brain. Learn strategies and set goals for improving the health of your mind, body, and sprit. Anyone interested in brain health is welcome to attend.
Understanding Dementia
Participants will receive basic information on dementia and the impact it has on the individual, caregivers, families and the community, as well as an overview of the progression of Alzheimer's. Caregivers will learn what to expect throughout the journey with dementia and learn approaches for meeting the challenges associated with the disease.
Ways to Help: Supporting People with Dementia and Their Family Members
This workshop explores ways family members, friends and volunteers can help a person with dementia and family caregivers. It includes information on Alzheimer's disease, dementia, communicating with a person who has dementia, and understanding behaviours. There will be discussions on visiting activities and ways of providing assistance.

All are welcome! Those interested in attending this 3-part series is asked to express their interest by signing up at the front desk by April 29, to avoid disappointment. Minimum number required. There is no specific date/time set as yet but we are hopeful of setting a date in either October or November. Signing up early to express your interest allows us sufficient time to organize this educational series. Any related cost would be minimal.


Target Theatre Play and Luncheon
Thursday, May 19
Lunch: 12:00 noon Play: 1:00 pm
Cost: $20 per person

This group of older adults, with an interest in the performing arts, was started in 1986. Since then Victoria Target Theatre Society has grown into a company of mature actors who provide a voice for concerns of seniors in an entertaining way. At this event, they will be performing the play:

Dot Con
An hilarious look at the way older adults are (or
are not) coping with the new computer age. An
elderly woman and her friends sample the ups and
downs of computer dating, investing, and other
questionable online "opportunities."

This group was so well received last year at our Volunteer Appreciation Tea that we have decided to bring them back to entertain all of our Goward House Members. All are welcome! Seating is limited. Please register and pre-pay with the front desk.

Strawberry Tea & Concert
Monday, June 13
1:00 pm Concert 2:00 pm Tea
Cost: $10 per person  (GH Singers - $5)

Following tradition, the Goward House Singers will be performing at 1:00 pm and the tea will be served following their concert. All are welcome! Seating is limited. Please register and pre-pay with the front desk.

Mature Driving Workshop - Part II
Wednesday, October 5
9:30 am - 11:30 am
Cost: $5 (refreshments & workshop materials)

BCAA is offering an additional driving workshop containing different material / information from the one previously held on March 3 and 10. Anyone interested in attending is asked to pre-register with our front desk. Be sure to mark the date and time on your calendars. These workshops have proven to be very popular . . .register early to avoid disappointment. All are welcome!

Goward House Craft Fair
November 19 and 20
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This was proven to be so popular last year that we are having it over a two-day period this year. Please be sure to mark you calendars and share this info with all your friends so that they may attend as well. Anyone wishing to book a table for this two-day event is asked to contact Elaine at 250 477 4401

A Warm Welcome to . . . . our newest members: Victor Kravchenko, Norrie Froman, John Lankford, Marilyn Neal, Lynn McIvor, James Pierson, Lesley Billborough, Terry Cormier and Bruce & Barbara Hanwell. . Please introduce yourself and help to make them feel at home.

April 10 - 16

It is important for our many members to know that Goward House could NOT function as the vibrant adult activity centre that it is, without the energy generously and tirelessly donated by our large team of volunteers.

Whenever you are at Goward House enjoying an activity or simply taking in the pleasure of its ambience, please take a look around you. You are sure to see the results of numerous individuals having industriously given of their time to countless tasks.

front desk, while others work tirelessly in the tea room. We have volunteers that come regularly to keep our lending-library (located on 2 floors) in good order. Some volunteers can be found gardening enthusiastically in the flowerbeds as well as caring for our splendid woodlands. Let's not forget the ladies that keep the house looking so nicely manicured and dressed for each season. Oh, and let us remember the volunteers that do the many unglamorous yet important jobs of repairing items as needed. As well, we have countless numbers of volunteers leading weekly activity groups as well as volunteers working on committees. And let's not forget our website . . . it does not create itself month after month. Yes, it's a volunteer that does all that!

Please be sure to take a moment to say "thank you" to our volunteers. A smile and a few kind words go a long way to letting them know their efforts are appreciated. If it were not for our volunteers, we could not offer you the services you so enjoy at the current offering.

The Goward House Board of Directors, Elaine Leonard, and Mary Homer extend their sincere "thank you" to all of our volunteers for making their jobs so much easier and for making coming to work a delight!

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.
~Cynthia Ozick


Please ensure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the exercise classes. This will eliminate the class running over its time line and will accommodate everyone in getting to their next appointments. Thank you.